Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre Pricing Page

Non Club Members

(casual visits)

Senior $15.00 per class
Junior $10.00 per class

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Club Members

Senior Classes $6.00 per class
Junior Classes $5.00 per class
Members Fight Training $22.00 per week

Club Memberships

Thai Boxing

Senior       $120.00/ year

Junior         $70.00/ year


Adult             $80.00/ year


Child minding is available only during our morning classes at a cost of $2.00 per child and an extra 50 cents for each additional child in the same family. (Please talk to our carer about toilet stops etc.)

9 thoughts on “Pricing Page

  1. Matt derrick

    I am interested in learning kickboxing/mauy Thai. I am extremely unfit and need to change that. I enjoy the sport and have always wanted to try it out. My contact number is 0499657300.

  2. Rebecca G

    I’m pretty much in the same position as Matt. I am and have been doing pt for about a year and am looking to diversify my workouts but I am by no means fit.

  3. Matthew Conroy

    I am looking at doing muay Thai for fitness and training. How do I become a member.
    What is the difference between senior Muay Thai and fight training.
    Matt Conroy

  4. Joel

    Hi Im just wondering if you get a club membership does that mean you still have to pay at each session ?

  5. Adele

    My seven year old son is extremely interested in Thai Box for life skills … Can you please advise if you hold classes for his age group .. He has done infinity and became bored …

  6. Jason

    hi There i am interested in training there i went there last time but you had that Thai music playing which put me off training do you have classes that don’t have the music cause i rather concentrate on training than listening to music thanks for your time

  7. Adam

    I would like my twelve year old daughter to learn Muay Thai.
    Do you have a class on a Thursday or Friday afternoon?

    Thank you

  8. Michelle

    Hi there
    I am interested in starting, how big are classes and is one on one available and at what cost?
    I have become unfit over time
    Used to be very active, looking at a way of getting back into shape, as well as a defensive point of view

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