Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre Pricing Page

Non Club Members

(casual visits)

Senior $15.00 per class
Junior $10.00 per class

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Club Members

Senior Classes $6.00 per class
Junior Classes $5.00 per class
Members Fight Training $22.00 per week

Club Memberships

Thai Boxing

Senior       $120.00/ year

Junior         $70.00/ year


Adult             $80.00/ year


Child minding is available only during our morning classes at a cost of $2.00 per child and an extra 50 cents for each additional child in the same family. (Please talk to our carer about toilet stops etc.)

18 thoughts on “Pricing Page

  1. Matt derrick

    I am interested in learning kickboxing/mauy Thai. I am extremely unfit and need to change that. I enjoy the sport and have always wanted to try it out. My contact number is 0499657300.

  2. Rebecca G

    I’m pretty much in the same position as Matt. I am and have been doing pt for about a year and am looking to diversify my workouts but I am by no means fit.

  3. Matthew Conroy

    I am looking at doing muay Thai for fitness and training. How do I become a member.
    What is the difference between senior Muay Thai and fight training.
    Matt Conroy

  4. Joel

    Hi Im just wondering if you get a club membership does that mean you still have to pay at each session ?

  5. Adele

    My seven year old son is extremely interested in Thai Box for life skills … Can you please advise if you hold classes for his age group .. He has done infinity and became bored …

  6. Jason

    hi There i am interested in training there i went there last time but you had that Thai music playing which put me off training do you have classes that don’t have the music cause i rather concentrate on training than listening to music thanks for your time

  7. Adam

    I would like my twelve year old daughter to learn Muay Thai.
    Do you have a class on a Thursday or Friday afternoon?

    Thank you

  8. Michelle

    Hi there
    I am interested in starting, how big are classes and is one on one available and at what cost?
    I have become unfit over time
    Used to be very active, looking at a way of getting back into shape, as well as a defensive point of view

  9. Rebekah

    I was thinking of joining a gym but also want to try Muay Thai. Is the gym female friendly? Also if you pay the $120 do you still pay $6 per class?

  10. Cody

    hey i’m 15 and am interested in starting boxing as a use for fitness and self defence so i was wondering what the best option was for training with the gym

  11. Mia

    I am 14 and have trading for almost 3 years in Mauy Thai but about 1 and a half years ago stopped training and moved to the Sunshine Coast, I was Australia championship for my weight and age division and have had only 3 fights and was looking about getting back into it but was not sure whether I should start with just the junior class or the fight classes.

  12. Shana

    Hey there just interested in bringing the kids down for a trial what time do juniors train today or Thursday’s please :)

  13. Estelle Laming

    I have a 14 year old grandson who would like to learn kick boxing. Which class should I bring him to. Thanks

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